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Pi Day

Pi Day

Pi Day was celebrated in school with a bang on Wednesday 14th March, definitely making it a memorable date for our students.  Ms Fleur Pace O’Shea, Ms Jessica Agius, Mr David Deguara and Ms Simone Pirotta from the Maths Department put on a good number of activities with Senior 2 and Senior 3 students, making sure that a cross-curricular approach would enhance learning, and loads of fun was had by all.

Teaming up with Home Economics, students baked a special pi(e) with a filling of their choice, and naturally the pi symbol took pride of place!  The Home Economics Lab was buzzing with activity while Ms Christine Magri supervised the sweet and savoury pies that were delicious.

A ‘Web Quest’ followed in the ICT Lab, combining technology and History.  Students were divided into groups and provided with a set of questions. Their task was to surf the web and research the questions given. The latter included the history of pi to help students make the connection with History. Finally students had to represent their work on a chart and be as creative as they wanted to, so as to present it to  their peers later on in the day.

‘Discovering Pi’ was a hands-on Maths activity in the Hall, where students were given a measuring tape with the aim of finding the diameter and circumference of circular items which they brought from home. Once the measurements were taken and the ratio of the two dimensions was calculated, the students recognised where the constant π originated from. To conclude the activity and further reinforce understanding, a video was shown to the students, followed by a  group discussion.

Moreover, a number of students also volunteered to take part in the internationally known competition in which the winner is the student who can remember most decimals of the constant pi. Aaliyah Muscat was our champion reaching a record of 107 digits – a first for our school.  Well done Aaliyah!

Given that on 14th March we also celebrate Einstein’s birth date, students were given a brief idea overview of this remarkable physicist by means of a video. In addition, another competition was held in which the Senior 2 students themselves voted for ‘The Best Einstein Look-Alike’. Subsequent to a very close vote, Roberta Ghigo was deservedly chosen as this year’s winner.  Well done Roberta!

To end the day, we all celebrated Einstein’s birthday and of course took our very own school ‘pi’ photo!

Many thanks to all the teachers and LSAs for making the day possible.