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EY Generate 2018

EY Generate 2018

On the 23rd of October 2018 the senior 4 and 5 Computing students attended the “EY Generate 2018 – Transform your future!”  Conference at the Hotel Intercontinental. A total of 680 Maltese and Gozitan students were present for this event.

During the first part of this conference we were awed by the various speakers who enlightened us about Artificial Intelligence, bitcoin and Block chain technologies. The speakers were Ronald Attard, Keith Strier, Marcie Merriman and Michael Azzopardi. The arena was mostly dark and the only lights present created a disco-effect – this surely was going to be an unusual but fun outing. A cube microphone was thrown about the arena for students to ask questions about these technologies.

We learnt a lot of things – the new technologies that are emerging are shaping the present and immediate future. We were told that 85% of the jobs that our generation will be working in have not yet even been created or invented!

The morning went on to a variety of 7-minute workshops and all the students were very efficiently rotated through each one. These workshops were very interesting and fascinating. Many of them allowed us to experience and explore new IT concepts which are still being developed. Towards the end of the morning we tried out IT concepts and ideas organized at work stations such as Virtual Reality and digital arts.

It was an amazing experience, a great outing and a true inspiration for me to work in the IT industry. I am happy to be learning computing at school and this year, in senior 4 I am learning coding in Java which gives me the problem-solving skills, creativity and critical thinking that I will need in the future.

Emma Bedingfield