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Book Week Competitions

Book Week Competitions

As part of our Book Week activities, various competitions related to books and reading were organised by our school.  All the winners won a book prize.

During their library sessions, the Senior Is learn about the importance of books having an attractive cover with a catchy blurb.  The students were then given the task of designing their own original book cover.  The best entries were put up on display.  Well done to Hannah Rossignaud for winning this competition.
One of the Senior IIs’ art assignments was to design a poster to promote books and reading.  The students presented lovely and colourful posters the best of which were displayed in the reception area.  The winner of the poster competition is Elisa Grech.  Well done!
Another competition open to all forms was the Opening Lines competition.  Students had to match the opening lines of Maltese and English fiction books to their respective book covers.  This encouraged students to frequent the library to search for the books.  It also motivated them to read some of them.  As quite a few students managed to get the correct answers, the winner was drawn by lot.  The lucky winner was Gabrielle Camilleri.

Well done to all –  participants and winners alike.  A big thank you goes to the teachers who helped organise these competitions, namely Ms Cynthia Genovese, Ms Alison Shaw and Ms Claire Zerafa.


Ms Stephanie Gatt