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Student Council Christmas Fun Day

Student Council Christmas Fun Day

On the 20th December 2017 the Student Council organised Fun Day!  It was a day filled with fun and a time to bond with our friends. Students came to school in casual clothes with a different Christmas theme for each form.

At eight o’clock there was a special assembly, organised by the Student Council members in Senior I and II.  After that all the school started getting ready for a fantasticly fun zumba session hosted by a special guest. All students participated in the zumba and some teachers even joined our guest on stage.

After an exhausting hour of zumba we watched a play prepared by the Senior Vs as it was their last fun day with us. It was a very funny play prepared in only fifteen days, and we loved sharing their memories!

After the play each class had  a party of their own. There was music, food, drinks and a lot of laughter. After the party each class cleared up the decorations that were hung for the Christmas Class Decoration Competition.

When it was time to go up to the hall, everyone was eager to play games and compete against the rest of the forms! The games were prepared by Student Council members in Senior III. There was a lot of tension in the room and everyone tried their best, all rooting for their own form of course!

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end.  The day was a success and everyone had a blast! We look forward to another day like this.

Emma Bedingfield

Senior 3 Alpha



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