The Students

St Joseph’s has a friendly and positive atmosphere in which the students are encouraged to be responsible for their behaviour, to develop their full potential and contribute to the development of the school. St Joseph’s is a mixed ability school and students are drawn by ballot for entry into kindergarten, and proceed to the senior section. Students are not streamed according to ability but setting is practised in some subjects when teaching loads permit.

The school provides parents with information about their daughter’s academic progress through regular tests and formative assessment, half-yearly and annual reports, and meetings between the parents and staff. If necessary the parents may be called by the Head to discuss their daughter’s progress or the parents may phone for an appointment if they wish, to discuss anything concerning their daughter’s academic and social development.

The role of the family as educator is continually emphasized in communications from the school and this assumes their pre-eminent role as educators.

Religious education is conducted in accordance with the teachings of the Catholic Church and significant curriculum time is devoted to it. Additionally, students receive religious education through Assemblies, First Friday Masses, Class Masses, Lenten Talks and Celebrations related with church feasts. However, students of all religious denominations are accepted and allowed to follow their conscience.